Personal Projects

All projects on this page are personal projects done solo or with a group of friends. Internships and school work are not included.

Trex from Google Chrome


January 2019

TrexBot is a project in progress. When there is no internet Chrome lets us play this fun, basic game of jumping and dodging obstacles. Trex can get very addictive. TrexBot solves this problem using computer vision and machine learning. It is able to achieve scores more than 4,000 and is open source (TBA) if you want to use it.

Patented: DijiKit

March 2017

DijiKit is an interactive digital electronics education kit aiming to teach the basics of electronics to high school students. It comes in a portable case with modules representing logical gates, logic tables, karnaugh maps, and integrated circuit design schematics. It is suitable for personal and classroom use. Patent file number: 2015/14022.

DijiKit Design

LolPing Logo


November 2016

A simple menu-bar application for Mac OS X devices (10.10+) that lets the user select which League of Legends server they wish to play on and shows them their current ping (delay) to this server. Does not require LoL to be running. Available on the Mac App Store and is open source.


Jan 2013 - Aug 2016

A java based Minecraft community server. This project started in 2013 and quickly became popular in Turkey. As a result, I started a company around the service and hired teammates to help me. Together we reached 270.000 users and made considerable profit before having to shut down. The legacy website design can be found on Behance.

NoMercyMC Logo

Click Logo


August 2015

An iPhone game where the objective is to pop as many balloons as you can within a limited time frame to reach the target points! Click uses machine learning in order to learn about the player’s style and positions balloons at hard-to-reach locations making each level more challenging. Available on the App Store and is open source.

MUPA - Music Finder

April 2015

An Android App that builds a collection your favorite songs and finds people with similar music taste. It then recommends you songs your peers are listening to that you might not have heard of. There is no crazy ML trick behind this, only a more reliable matchmaking system. Available on the Google Play Store.


Screenshot of high school website

High School Website

Nov 2014 - Jan 2015

When I was applying for US colleges I created this website in order to stand out. It was also a very interesting experience where I could see all my projects come together. I will no longer be maintaining it, but will keep it running in case it is helpful to others.